Another N.F.S An autre P.A.V


Un oeuvre dans les huiles que j’ai fabriqué au Pays de Galles, ce que je le garde comme un souvenir du magnifique littoral du Pembrokeshire.

This is a work in oils which I made in Wales which I am keeping as a reminder of the beautiful coastline in Pembrokeshire.

“Looking towards Dale”


Loch Shiel Wreck, Pembrokeshire, Wales

One of my earlier dives with a few objects found there. The Loch Shiel sank off Thorn Island in 1894 with no loss of life apart from someone who later on drank too much of the whiskey! (100 per cent proof) I didn’t find any whiskey just a little piece of a bottle, a fire brick and little pieces of pottery. It was a great dive lots to see. I remember surfacing and seeing a beautiful calm evening sunset over the Haven.A perfect ending.

Thank you to my dive buddy Andrew Duke RIP.

Treasures on the Loch Shiel. Gouache 33 x52 framed 350 euros