Les Vignes d'Automne sold

Puylaurens a Cathar castle which when seen from the road ( a particular favourite route of mine to Perpignan) is always bathed in a hazy light. Or at least it seems to be. This is in memory of a dear friend who accompanied us on the climb up which was very brave when he suffered from vertigo. I am glad he achieved this as it was not long after when he died of cancer.
Queribus is one of the Cathar Castles. All are to be found high up in inaccessible places in order to be able to defend themselves. I originally sketched this on a early spring evening when twighlight was all blue. I love the way the landscape merges into one dimension.

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à gauche l’éclat dorée de ton arbre d’or (il

brille comme un feu d’artifice) et les tronc ressemblent à deux corps qui

font face aux ténébres de droite ou d’autres corps plus tristes plus

torturés tendent leurs branches vers la lumière…

je suis l’arbre noir qui cherche la lumière d’or (TOI !)


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